Automate Go-to-Market with AI

Boost sales performance, productivity and efficiency. 

Use AI to automate lead generation, enable CRM data to inform the next best action to close and identify revenue growth opportunities.

The Polygon app at work
AI Research

AI Lead Generator

Let our platform learn about your ideal customer profile (ICP) and value proposition in order to put your lead research on autopilot. Free up 70% of SDR time to focus on fresh engagement.

On a 24/7 basis, receive highly targeted and matched leads with deep research and insights on how to hyper-personalize your outreach.

Next Best action

Using CRM data to provide SDRs with the next best action

Drive more efficiency in the activities of your sales team to close deals faster.

  • Leverage CRM data to inform and suggest the next best action
  • Model best practices across the sales team
  • An SDR's digital copilot to drive smart engagement
  • Close more deals faster
AI Content Writer

The deep lead research provides targeted messaging to maximize the opportunity for your outreach to succeed

Whether its email, Linkedin, social or calls, your content will always be on message derived from 100s of signals and criteria to ensure the best possible opportunity to connect with your prospects.


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